Looking for something new to do while hanging out with your friends and family? Design tiny trees with us at a Bonsai Bar workshop near you!

Happy Bonsai Customers

Attended an event at Smug Brewery! Tim and Annie were awesome!!! Fun and informative....they are passionate about Bonsai and it shows! Looking forward to future events with different species!! Highly recommend! You won't be disappointed!

Jessica Paris

What a fun event. my husband and I both had a good time. The guys were knowledgable, funny and so helpful. If you haven't signed up for one of these classes yet..DO IT!!

Michele Shuda

So much fun…excellent job teaching basics of Bonsai!

Kathleen M. Rose
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We went to Bonsai Bar at Trident Booksellers on 10 FEB 2022. We had a great time, thank you so much. I highly recommend doing this. Tim and Ben made it relaxing, funny and they were super helpful.

Thomas J Martinuk

I had a great time at the most recent Bonsai Bar event. The class was fun and informative. The instructors were very hands-on and you could tell they truly enjoyed what they were doing. If you are interested in getting into bonsai this was a great place to start. I could not have been happier with the entire experience.

Josh Abreu

We joined a blast of a bonsai class yesterday in Boston where we got to artistically design our very own bonsai tree from start to finish, and it was so fun!!!


Did this last week and it was a blast - we love our little Bonsais!

Mark Garofalo

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Bonsai Bar is the team building event no one will want to miss and your team will always remember when they get to bring home their very first bonsai tree!