Fertilizing your Dwarf Jade

Fertilizing your Dwarf Jade

Fertilizing your Dwarf Jade bonsai is an excellent idea, especially in the early stages after it is repotted. 

Important notes:

  • Wait two weeks from the date of the class or re-pot to begin fertilization.
  • Organic or synthetic fertilizer may be used.
  • Liquid or solid fertilizer may be used.
  • Follow the instructions for each fertilizer.

It is highly recommended that you fertilize your Portulacaria Afra once they are potted in a bonsai pot during one of our classes. Because the bonsai soil contains mostly volcanic, inorganic particles; it is devoid of many nutrients the plant would receive in its natural environment or even in a pot with organic soil. 

The application of fertilizer is a huge contributor to the plant’s overall health and performance. In addition, it builds resilience against fungus and pests that might find their way to your plant. 

It is important to follow the instructions on each fertilizer, so you don’t waste nutrients that might just get rinsed out the drainage holes and to maintain a “balanced diet” for your tree. One important distinction as you choose a fertilizer is that liquid fertilizer makes nutrients available to the tree immediately, while solid fertilizer releases nutrients over time with each application of water. 

Several of the brands listed below are available at your local hardware store, and all are available for online purchase! Consider organics over synthetics as well; as many of them are a bit more environment friendly in production and effect!

Our favorite brands:

  • Osmocote Plus
  • Neptune’s Harvest
  • Espoma Organics
  • Dr. Earth
  • Uncle Bill’s Bonsai Brew

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