Summer care for your Dwarf Jade

Summer care for your Dwarf Jade

Summer can be a time of fantastic growth for your Portulacaria afra, but it is also a time when the needs of these trees can dramatically increase. If you notice your leaves wrinkling all of a sudden, it could mean the temperature around your tree his hotter and/or drier! 

Monitor the temperature around your tree closely. The increased intensity of the Summer sun and blowing hot air can dry trees faster if located near windows. Air conditioners can also play a big role as they can dry the air significantly. It is important to be aware of these variables for your bonsai’s best health.

As your P. afra is happy to be outside when temperatures (including night) are above 50f, Summer is a season when some folks choose to keep their trees outside. For outdoor bonsai in full sun on the hottest days of the Summer, these trees will require watering twice a day. It can be a better idea to move your P. afra into partial shade or indoors if the watering needs are too great for your schedule. Daily watering is recommended for your bonsai kept outside in the Summer.

Regardless of their location, check your trees and be sure to pay more attention during seasonal changes like from Spring-to-Summer. More hydration in the Summer is more than often required. 

Pests can also find your trees in the summer. Consistently spraying the foliage each time you water can blast bugs out of their little hiding spots. Refer to our article on pests for more detailed information and remedies.

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