Summer Watering Adjustments

Summer Watering Adjustments

Summer Watering

For most of us, late Spring into Summer will be the time of the year that our bonsai will put on the most amount of growth.  The increase of growth alongside an increase in temperature will require an increase in the frequency of our watering.  

Watch your tree and it will tell you what it needs.  If the leaves of your bonsai start to wrinkle that generally means the tree is not getting enough water.  If the leaves turn light and yellow it may mean the soil is staying too wet (although this is much less of a problem for Dwarf Jades in rocky bonsai soil).  

Monitor the temperature around your tree closely. The increased intensity of the Summer sun and blowing hot air can dry trees faster if located near open windows. Air conditioners can also play a big role as they can dry the air significantly. It is important to be aware of these variables for your bonsai’s best health.

Your Portulacaria afra is happy to be outside when temperatures (including night) are above 50f. That said, Summer is a season when some folks choose to keep their trees outside. For outdoor bonsai in full sun on the hottest days of the Summer, these trees will require watering twice a day. It can be a better idea to move your P. afra into partial shade or indoors if the watering needs are too great for your schedule. Daily watering is recommended for your bonsai kept outside in the Summer.

Regardless of their location, check your trees and be sure to pay more attention during seasonal changes like from Spring-to-Summer. More hydration in the Summer is more than often required.

Remember to revisit this article on watering <>, which provides lots of helpful insights. 

Check in with your trees often, and they will tell you what they need as they grow. Care should change as the seasons change. As your tree grows, so will your knowledge!

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